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Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing 2020
5.0 of 20

Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing

HD 5.70 84 min
In the town of Evergreen, Vermont which is all about Christmas, love has found its way into the hearts of many couples with the help of the town's famous wishing snow globe the past three Christmases, this Christmas season no different. In addition to setting up the new Christmas Museum scheduled to open on Christmas Eve, the town mayor, Michelle Lansing, is planning on a small pre-Christmas wedding to Thomas Turner, the Turners a longtime family of the town. While Michelle's family of her sister, Sonya, and widowed father, Gordon, are planning on making their way to Evergreen for the first time for the wedding, Sonya in particular isn't a Christmas person. And while he is, Gordon seems to be resisting making his way to Evergreen for a reason unknown to Michelle. Gordon may not be the only person part of the immediate family unable to make it as Thomas is stuck in Maine at the logging camp, the weather which may prevent him from making it back in time for the big day. Meanwhile, Thomas' sister, Hannah Turner, too found love, with the help of the snow globe, to her childhood friend Elliot Lee, who has taken over running and transformed the Turner's family business, The Tinker Shop. While tinkering is what he does best, Elliot doesn't want to be stuck in that box in his effort to expand the business. Elliot's wants may be against Hannah's wishes, not so much for what he wants to do with the Turner family business, but what it means for her own life as she tries to find something that she can call all her own, as opposed to agreeing to any request made of her. This may place their relationship at a crossroads, while Hannah must also face a hurdle in that new path with the return to town of the Cooper twins' brother, Jeb Cooper, who left town several years ago bitter to what he left.


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