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Made of Honor 2008
6.3 of 136

Made of Honor

HD 5.90 101 min
Against the odds, New Yorkers Tom and Hannah, who have known each other since they were in college together ten years ago, became best friends, those odds being their differences: Tom, a Lothario, who fashions his dating life to avoid any sort of commitment, and Hannah, the one woman who called out his womanizing behavior - his admiration of her in doing so the basis of their friendship - and with who he has never pursued because of it. Independently wealthy Tom, who lives off the royalties from inventing the takeout coffee cup collar, is like his father, also a womanizer, who, conversely is commitment happy in being on wife number six, he choosing younger trophy wives even in knowing they are marrying him primarily for his money. When Hannah, an art historian, returns to New York after a six week business trip to Scotland, she brings with her new fiancé Colin, a wealthy scotch maker and royaled Scot (the son of a Duke) with who she fell in love at first sight, they planning on getting married in Scotland in two weeks time. The problem for Tom is not the fact that as her best friend Hannah asks him to be her maid of honor, but that while she was away he came to the realization that he wanted a life of commitment, specifically with her. With his best male friends advising him, Tom decides to accept the role of maid of honor both so that he can show up Colin, and show Hannah that he is changed man worthy of her committed love. His already difficult job of showing himself in a different light to Hannah is made all the more difficult as Hannah's cousin Melissa is one of the bridesmaids, she who has never forgiven Tom, a former lover, for their split.


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