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Sex Tape 2014
6.4 of 1085

Sex Tape

HD 5.10 94 min
Sex has always played a really important part of married Annie and Jay Hargrove's relationship, they, early on, doing it whenever and wherever they were together. A decade or so of marriage, two kids, age, busy schedules - he a music radio executive, she a successful blogger on mommy issues, "Who's Yo Mommy" - and other issues taking over has put a crimp on that sex life, and even when they do have a moment alone together and the want and energy to do it, things just don't seem to be clicking naturally the way they used to. Impromptu during one of the failing coupling sessions, Annie suggests spicing things up by filming themselves to various positions illustrated in The Joy of Sex. That idea does the trick, the result a three hour exuberant sex video of themselves. Things get complicated when they learn that Jay inadvertently synched the video, along with the playlist he created, to a group of iPads they gave away as promotional items to friends, family, business acquaintances, and even their nameless mail carrier. While they are able to retrieve some of those iPads from sensitive hands, such as from Annie's mother, without detection of what was on it, they may have more difficulty with some others, such as Hank Rosenbaum, the CEO of Piper Brothers, the very wholesome toy and child product company that is on the brink of making a lucrative offer to purchase Annie's blog. What is also troubling is that Jay has been receiving what end up being blackmailing texts from an unknown person who has seen the video, he or she who may expose more of Annie and Jay to the world than they would like. With help from their best friends, married Robby and Tess Thompson, who they felt the need to tell about their predicament, Annie and Jay go on a quest to get back the iPads, the most sensitive being Hank, without divulging why, and discover the identity of the blackmailer who may make the issue of the iPads a moot point.


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