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The Silence of the Marsh 2019
7.7 of 10

The Silence of the Marsh

HD 4.90 92 min
City of Valencia, Valencia (east to Spain). "Q" is a former journalist reconverted in a writer of crime novel books. Man of success respected by his fans, in real life Q is a cold-blooded psychopath and lonely man with any feeling or empathy by any other, with a bad relation with his younger brother Nacho and living with a compulsion to kill that eventually he translates to his novels, writing about it as fiction. After the excellent critics of the latest work about the murder of a taxi driver, Q's wish to write a new story with a more important victim make him to chose Ferrán Carretero, teacher of Applied Economics in the University of Valencia and former politician of long carrier, recently involved in a scandal of corruption. Kidnapping him a night and moving him to Q's old family house in the middle of City of Valencia's swamp outside the city, Q notes all that Carretero says during his captivity of some days, killing him finally. Carretero's missing calls the attention of La Puri, a powerful gypsy drug-lord in secret business with Carretero and Carretero's boss Isabel, an important politician in the Consellería of Valencia, and Isabel's assistant Vicent. Discovering that the media don't report about Carretero's murder and covering it as a job travel in the foreign, Q investigates Carretero's belongings, in special a key from the university bath locker where he finds evidences of a dark web of money launderer implying La Puri, Isabel, Vicent in addition to cops as Muñoz and Ricardo. Unaware from Q, La Puri sends her second hand and best man Falconetti to locate Carretero, at the same time she demands Isabel to close the deal for reconstructing all La Puri's neighborhood with new buildings to get more money and power. While Q discovers to be caught unintentionally between two ruthless forces, Falconetti's tracking of Carretero closes Q each time more, in a dangerous game of the mouse and the cat where no one is safe.


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